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2-Week Road Trip from NC to Miami

A Road Trip Plan From North Carolina to Miami During the Winter Break

We as a family are planning to go to Miami from Chapel Hill this winter break in December. Our trip will be a 14-day-trip and covers Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Key West. I used Google Travel to make our plan and search important destinations from google. You can find the activities that […]

The Cost Analysis of our 14-day road trip from Chapel Hill to Miami

We made a 14-day road trip from Chapel Hill to Miami in winter break in December. We visited seven different beautiful towns such as Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Key West. I recorded our daily expenditures and analysed them at the end of the trip. The total cost of the trip was approximately $1,900. […]

Some Useful Tips and Tricks for A Great Road Trip

Gas, food, schedules, and hotels may always be a problem during a road trip. I would like to share some tips and tricks that I find them very helpful and beneficial. I believe that they provide more time efficiency and productivity during the trip. Therefore, you can have more time and more money to enjoy […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 1: Charleston, SC

A wonderful beginning for our Southeast USA road trip. From Chapel Hill, NC to Charleston, SC. First, we visited Fayetteville to see around and make a quick city tour. Actually, we would plan to visit The Airborne and Special Operations Museum. However, we needed to catch up on our schedule and therefore we passed this […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 2: Savannah, GA

We continued our road trip with Savannah on the second day. Before we went to Savannah we visited Beaufort Hunting Island to see the beach and Lighthouse and make a picnic. We climbed to Lighthouse to see the breathtaking, panoramic view of the Atlantic Coast and surrounding maritime forest. Meanwhile, the Island was a tropical […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 3: Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL

We continued with Savannah and Jacksonville on the third day. Savannah Historic District and East River Street enchanted us. We also visited Bonaventure Cemetery and The Cathedral Basilica of St. John. Both of them should be on your must-see list for Savannah. They are iconic symbols of Savannah,  Additionally, we found Jekyll Island so amazing […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 4: Jacksonville, FL

We continued with Jacksonville on the fourth day. Aysegul and Elif love cats. Because of that, we bought tickets to visit The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary to see big cats such as lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats, and cougars. Our second activity was Mickler’s Landing Beach. While we were going to the beach we saw […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 5: Orlando, FL

NASA has fantastic facility that all space missions are conducted in Orlando. We spent entire day in Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Remember, due to the the pandemic some exhibitions and simulations were closed. Therefore, there were only limited activities in the complex. It’s a must see place for anyone visiting and locals alike! An […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 6: Tampa & Clearwater, FL

I have never seen millions of sea shells, star fishes, limpets, and sponges together before. Honeymoon Island is a semi-tropical island that includes millions of those. It was a cooler day but perfect for sorting on the beach towel, walking along the ocean and hunting for shells. Elif and Aysegul loved them and we collected […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 7: St. Petersburg & Clearwater, FL

We began our day with visiting St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market. It was a great open air farmers market with local fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, plants. There are also a variety of local vendors preparing breakfast and lunch as well as other vendors providing small batch goods and services. After we made a quick city […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 8: Tampa & Miami, FL

Today, we left Tampa and arrived to Miami. We visited Sawgrass Mills Outlet in North part of Miami which was on our way. We have never seen such a huge shopping center before. Sawgrass Mills Shopping Center contains hundreds of brands such as Versace, Prada, Boss, and Calvin Klein. We also visited Rainforest Cafe in […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 9: Miami, FL

Miami city center includes so many great touristic places and events. Because it was a bit windy on the morning we decided to spent our time in the city. We began our tour with Coral Gables. We wanted to see the Venetian Pool however it was closed. Biltmore Hotel, beautiful houses and Banyan Trees were […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 10: Miami, FL

Today we made an airboat safari tour in Everglade State Park. We first went into the vast open saw grass where we saw why the Everglades were called the “River of Grass”! We traveled by Airboat through a Hardwood Hammock (a small island of solid ground in the “river of grass”), into the Everglades National […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 11: Miami, FL

We began our daily trip to Key West after we took one cup of regular coffee and one cup of hazelnut coffee from Panera Bread on the morning. We went John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Sombrero Beach, and Bahia Honda State Park respectively. We would enjoy more if the weather was better. It was […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 12: Miami, FL

We spent the entire day in Miami Beach also named The South Beach. We had a chance to swim thanks to sunny and warm weather. In contrast, the ocean was too wavy, and swimming in the ocean was too dangerous. Even we witnessed a sad accident that one guy sunk while he was swimming. The […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 13: Miami and Jacksonville, FL

Our last day in Miami, we visited the North Beach that was less crowded than the South Beach. While we were going to the North Beach, we saw the luxury residents and neighborhoods of the island which was amused us. Luckily, it was sunny and the ocean was not wavy. Therefore, we could swim for hours. […]

Southeast USA Road Trip – Day 14: Jacksonville, FL & Chapel Hill, NC

In the last day of our trip, we just only turned back to home. It took almost 7 hours from Jacksonville to Chapel Hill. Therefore, we did not want to visit anywhere else. We just made a quick picnic in a small park in Jacksonville on the morning and ate our breakfast. Later on, we […]

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